Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of digital image sales.

Due to the nature of digital products, once an order has been placed and the images have been uploaded to a gallery, or sent to the customer by any other means, it is not possible to retract or edit any order. Refunds are not possible on any completed digital orders.

A new gallery will be created for each session / customer, and login details sent to and all images must be downloaded within 3 months of purchase. All images will be removed and deleted from the gallery system after 3 months

Neither Pixifoto Ltd, nor Dadfords Print Processing Ltd are liable for the loss of any images if the customer fails to download within the given time frame.

This offer will include all images we have on file from your session, including any hidden or discarded images; whatever the studio saved under your name will be included.

We cannot edit any images, nor are we responsible for the quantity or quality of any images; we are simply passing on whatever the studios had.

We are unable to merge sessions from different studios into one offer. We are unable to merge multiple from different names into one offer.

Offer prices may vary depending on the number of images within your session; we are unable to offer any discounts.

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